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  1. The FASB’s new model, codified in ASC , Revenue from contracts with customers, applies to a company's contracts with customers, except for contracts that are within the scope of other standards (e.g., leases, insurance, financial instruments). Elements of contracts or arrangements that are in the scope of other standards (e.g., leases) are.
  2. Apr 28,  · An organization may use the most likely amount for contracts with only two possible outcomes (e.g., achieves a performance bonus or not). ASC requires an organization to consider the likelihood that a significant amount of the revenue recorded in the current period will not be adjusted up or down in future periods.
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  5. Within ASC is a sub-chapter titled ASC that prescribes how the costs related to obtaining a contract should be capitalized. According to ASC , these costs can be capitalized only if the costs are recoverable — the customer will pay for it as the contract is fulfilled over the period — and incremental — they arise only if.
  6. Apr 19,  · In the first piece in this two-part series, we looked at how companies that report to U.S. GAAP and IFRS standards need to address the requirements of Accounting Standards Codification about reporting sales commissions paid on subscription services and, but not all, of these commissions and incentives need to be amortized over the anticipated life of the contract rather than.
  7. Preparation for the new Revenue Recognition Standard (ASC / IFRS 15) has taken on greater urgency. The commission accounting standard has been in effect for public companies since December The deadline for private companies to implement is December Subtopic , known as “the incremental costs of obtaining a contract,” has a huge effect on how companies' commission.
  8. The performance bonus represents variable consideration. All products are expected be delivered on time, entitling the entity to receive the $4, performance bonus. For book purposes, the company determines that the performance bonus is attributable to the entire contract, as opposed to any specific performance obligation(s).

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