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  1. Bambino definition is - a representation of the infant Christ. How to use bambino in a sentence.
  2. Bambino Sitters makes finding a local, trusted babysitter, easier than ever. Find. Book. Pay. All directly on the app!
  3. Jun 04,  · ‎Bambino modernizes the way parents find, book, and pay trusted neighborhood babysitters. Say hello to Babysitting Made Easy! Bambino is the Babysitting App you've been waiting for. See which babysitters your friends and neighbors are using by /5(K).
  4. Define bambino. bambino synonyms, bambino pronunciation, bambino translation, English dictionary definition of bambino. n. pl. bam·bi·nos or bam·bi·ni 1. A child; a baby. 2. A representation of the infant Jesus. n, pl -nos or -ni 1. informal a young child, esp an Italian one.
  5. About Bambino Diapers With over 40+ years of experience in the incontinence care industry, the Bambino Diapers team has always been dedicated to providing quality incontinence care products. The Bottom Half Group, LLC exists to serve the AB and DL communities with professionalism, respect, and the very highest quality products.
  6. As a Bambino sitter you have the ability to add families and gain recommendations, growing your network of parents. Receive Availability Requests. Availability requests are sent to you directly through the app with job details including the family, location, start/end time, number of kids, and most importantly, how much money you can make!
  7. Korean dance girl group Bambino has blown up lately when the public’s attention was caught by member Eunsol’s sexy dancing on a fancam video. Her video has n.

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