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  1. Jan 01,  · Caribbean Description. The Caribbean, long referred to as the West Indies, includes more than 7, islands; of those, 13 are independent island countries (shown in red on the map), and some are dependencies or overseas territories of other nations. In addition, that large number includes islets (very small rocky islands); cay's (small, low islands composed largely of coral or sand) and a Author: John Moen.
  2. Stories about the Caribbean. Classic Caribbean: A family affair in Bermuda and Nevis Jun 16, It' a tale of 2 islands, 2 resorts and the Dodwell family at the helm.
  3. A Caribbean island is the perfect literal jumping-off point for a snorkeling or diving excursion, with waters just as welcoming as the islanders themselves. Lounge on smooth stretches of white, pink and black sandy beaches that spill into the coolest, bluest waters.
  4. Explore Caribbean holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | From high mountain peaks to shimmering reefs, spicy salsa rhythms to deep rolling reggae, pirate hideouts to sugar-sand beaches, the Caribbean is dizzyingly diverse.
  5. A Carnival Caribbean cruise takes you to some of the coolest little hotspots stretching across the world’s designated hotspot. Snorkel great natural reefs in .
  6. Set sail on a Caribbean cruise and discover the cliff-diving, breeze-swaying, sand-between-your-toes, no-worries pace of island life. Hundreds of years of history have left jungle ruins from ancient times and vibrant colonial towns with brightly painted buildings reflecting a fascinating history.
  7. Cruise to unforgettable destinations with Royal Caribbean. Save with the best cruise deals and packages to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Start your dream vacation with a cruise to Alaska, the Mediterranean, Mexico, or the South Pacific.
  8. Caribbean Airlines offers Caribbean flights, cheap tickets, low fares, extra legroom & comfort, free meals & inflight entertainment & Caribbean Miles rewards!
  9. The Caribbean is arguably the most popular cruise destination, and therefore nearly every cruise line has itineraries across the Eastern, Western or Southern Caribbean -- from the world's largest.

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