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  1. Aug 29,  · Sakura Haruno is the only one who survived the great ninja war. sakura lays on the cold ground think about how life would have been only if she knew, Wishes i wish i wou 1. K Identity. 99K K "Through the bloodstained window, they could see fire. There were burnt buildings reduced to ashes, foreign shinobi running along the Reviews:
  2. Follow/Fav Reincarnation. By: Winged Lady Colette. Sakura awakens in the time of the founding of the Hidden Leaf, unknowing how she got there or how to get home, the only clue she has other than missing memories is visions of the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya.
  3. Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-Original title: さくら、もゆ。-as the Night's, Reincarnation-Length: Very long (> 50 hours) Developer: Favorite: Publishers: Favorite Moshi Youxi Zhongwenhua Xingqu Xiaozu & Yayoitsuki Hanhuazu: Links: Wikipedia (ja), .
  4. Nov 13,  · Go! Unashamed Reincarnation Protagonist Sakura Chapter 2 FATE Hiashi Hyuga took some time to consider the man before him. It was an unusual situation for a number of reasons. Hatake Kakashi had made a career out of avoiding anything that might even be tangential to politics, and visiting one of the great clans was perhaps not tangential.
  5. He was a legend–strong, driven and commanding. It would only be right that she would share those same attributes. In which Haruno Sakura is Madara's Reincarnation. Teaser for "Dreams of A Providential Soul". See Chapter 2 for more information.
  6. Reincarnation (転生, Tensei) is a process through which the chakra and soul of a deceased individual are reborn in a new living vessel, referred to as a "reincarnate" (転生者, tensei-sha). For a millennium after their deaths, the chakra and souls of the sons of the Sage of Six Paths, Indra and Asura Ōtsutsuki, were continuously reincarnated into their descendants: the Uchiha and Senju.
  7. Sakura pokes his head with her index and middle finger. "Do not be foolish, otouto." (Sakura is the reincarnation of a future that she cannot let happen, and a man who is still alive.) GEN. Sakura .
  8. A story about Neji and Sakura that begins during the timeskip and extends into the second arc. A lot can happen in years: promotion exams, new jutsu, new outfits. The most recent chapters coincide with the current manga storyline. NejiSaku.
  9. AU/Semi!Reincarnation fic. Obito-Uchiha-as-Sakura's-Inner-Persona! Notes: This fic is purely for entertainment purpose. I don't own Naruto Series. Inspired by Tobbe's story- "Sakura's Glasses" on FFN net. Chapter 1: PROLOGUE- The Prophecy Is Broken! Chapter Text. No! No! No!This isn't happening!

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