Schisn - Tool (2) - Live In Denver (CD, Album)

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  1. Dec 20,  · 1) the album audio track set to the music video which is typical Tool wierdness but just perfect. 2) the same music video with dual channel comical commentary by David Yow from Jesus Lizard which at first is very odd, but it is actually fairly funny and I soon learned to like the comical nonsense on top of the more serious looking video, they /5().
  2. Product Description. Everything about Tool's fourth album () is an experience, starting with the packaging, which consists of liner credits printed on a translucent plastic sleeve over the CD and a booklet that layers anatomical representations atop one another--the first page pictures musculature and blood vessels; the next, bones; the third, internal organs; and so on/5(K).
  3. According to an All-Tool issue of Revolver magazine, this song was originally called "" because it the time signature changes in a repeating sequence of 9/8, 4/4, then 7/8. Justin Chancellor, Tool's bassist, had this to say about the song: "For me, the song 'Lateralus' was the turning point.
  4. May 15,  · 2. The terrifying instrumental piece "Faaip de Oiad" is, in trademark Tool style, filled with Easter Eggs and obscure allusions for fans who are willing to digThe song itself blends white noise with distorted drums and a man's feverish rants about "extradimensional beings" — the latter sampled from a call into Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio show.
  5. The album shot to number two on the Billboard charts and was certified multi-platinum in less than a decade. Singles "Stinkfist," "Forty Six & 2," and the Grammy-winning title track were all Top Ten hits on the U.S. Rock chart, boosted by the twisted and often disturbing music videos created by Jones.
  6. A label created by Tool after their lawsuit with Volcano/Zomba in The lawsuit was resolved in December of , and any releases with the Tool Dissectional label on them, and original release dates from before , are reissues from after this time. Please note: counterfeit / unofficial releases should use Tool Dissectional (2) instead.
  7. Biography A unique blend of metal, alt-rock, prog-rock and even psychedelic at times, Tool was formed by vocalist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones, bassist Paul D'Amour and drummer Danny debut EP Opiate showed a raw, straight-forward alt-metal sound. In , they exploded onto the scene following a spot on Lollapalooza that year, and their full-length debut .
  8. Tool is an American rock band from Los in , the group's line-up includes drummer Danny Carey, guitarist Adam Jones, and vocalist Maynard James Keenan. Justin Chancellor has been the band's bassist since , replacing their original bassist Paul D' has won four Grammy Awards, performed worldwide tours, and produced albums topping the charts in several countries.
  9. The discography of American rock band Tool consists of five studio albums, one box set, two extended plays, four video albums, fifteen singles and eight music videos.. Tool was founded in by vocalist Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Adam Jones, who then recruited drummer Danny Carey and bassist Paul D' initially released a demo EP in called

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