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  1. A sinkhole is a closed natural depression in the ground surface caused by removal of material below the ground and either collapse or gradual subsidence of the surface into the resulting void. A pothole is usually a fairly small feature caused by failure of paving materials, usually associated with roads, parking lots, and airports.
  2. Oct 16,  · A sinkhole is a depression in the ground that has no natural external surface drainage. Basically, this means that when it rains, all of the water stays inside the sinkhole and typically drains into the subsurface. Sinkholes are most common in what geologists call, “karst terrain.”.
  3. Define sinkhole. sinkhole synonyms, sinkhole pronunciation, sinkhole translation, English dictionary definition of sinkhole. n. A natural depression formed by the undermining or sudden collapse of the land surface, often as a result of groundwater enlarging cavities in underlying.
  4. Aug 12,  · Hundreds of people in a neighborhood in Northern Virginia are stranded on Wednesday after drenching storms caused flash flooding, triggering a large sinkhole Author: Travis Fedschun.
  5. Aug 12,  · The double-barrel sinkhole is located at the intersection of Moseby Court and Moseby Drive. This is near the Manassas Park Police Department. Just .
  6. Oct 05,  · How to Fix Sinkholes. Sinkholes develop when soft rock underground—e.g., limestone, gypsum, or other carbonate rock—wears away over time. This is known as "karst" terrain. Eventually, the unsupported sediment above the underground hole 83%().
  7. Sinkhole Frequently Asked Questions If there is a threatof physical harm, please call your local law enforcement agency. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection does not inspect possible sinkholes. Many common questions involving sinkholes are answered by the FAQs below. Should you have additional questions, you may call the FGSSinkhole Helpline,
  8. The sinkhole collapse at p.m. that day broke water and sewer lines that further ate away at the earth, widening the hole in the Hideaway Hills subdivision to 40 by 50 Arielle Zionts.
  9. Aug 22,  · Epcor crews were working to fill a sinkhole Saturday on a residential street in the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood. The sinkhole developed Friday afternoon at .

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